Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Saatchi Synagogue - By Bernard Kops

Entering The Saatchi Synagogue was like entering another world. It was dazzling. The blue Chagall like window dazzled and the young kids, beautiful and excited, laughed and played, running around spinning and singing a cacophony of laughter and joy. And the intensity of young worshippers filled every space. And some even younger teenagers were flirting at the back. And a little girl rushed to the Rabbi, her father and demanded to be held, all in the middle of the sacred prayers. And the young rabbi laughed, scooped her up and continued his devotions. Hooray for the Saatchi synagogue. And I lifted my head at the blue window and I swear I saw Marc Chagall nodding and laughing down from the sky.

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