Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tu Bishvat (15th of Shevat) Poem

DOES THE WIND BLOW Does the wind blow? Can the gust change my mind? My direction, In the wind, in the night? Does the howling take me places I dare not go. Under the pillow noise travels down to another tree. Deep in the earth Man is a tree; a small sapling growing from joyous days of dream, where the flowers ring, bringing bright. But it grow fearsome, things may come and go uprooted plants from and to another time and place. Do not miss that face of childhood my friend Tree is like a man; pulled and pushed in different ways. Are the branches travelling to their own destiny? Where is your trunk? Your roots? Your wind; your calm. Man is a tree ; growing; glowing, going. Fruiting with talents everywhere. Come back to the trunk, the bark, the groan to the seed where it all began. The wind blows, moving me. The tree possesses me. Biting me, loving me, taking me from here to another place? What is there over there? Tree is like a man; man is like a tree. Growing, going everywhere.

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