Friday, March 25, 2011

Are you seeing things?

Are you seeing things?
This summer brings the first pre-Olympic testing games, when the
grounds for the 2012 Olympics will be tested to ensure that they are fit
for the games. The building of the Mishkan underwent a similar activity.
For 7 days it was assembled and taken apart and tested, until the eighth
day it stayed up and Aaron was instated as High Priest.
Then an interesting command comes from Moses to Aaron: “Approach
the altar, and carry out your sin-offering and your burnt-offering . . .”
Why did Aaron need this instruction and coaching?
Rashi explains: because Aaron was embarrassed and afraid to approach
[the altar]. Moses said to him: “Why are you embarrassed? This is what
you were chosen for!”
What was he afraid of?
There is an interesting Midrash that explains that as Aaron stood inside
the Tabernacle, ready to perform on the big stage, he turned to the altar
and realised with horror that the altar had transformed into a calf,
resembling his inadvertent involvement in the creation of the golden calf.
This was the crafty work of the Satan, presenting Aaron with his ugliest
moment at the climax of his career. The corner peaks of the altar were the
horns, and the body of the altar was the body of the calf.
But Coach Moses encourages Aaron not be deterred and to go on.
What makes you feel inadequate? What negative experiences are creating
illusions in your mind stopping you to achieve the great things you are so
good at?
Shabbat Shalom

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