Friday, March 11, 2011

Did Van Persie hear the whistle at Nou Camp? If Charlie Sheen was in Russia...

Did Van Persie hear the whistle at Nou Camp?
95,000 people were there making a racket - how could he possibly have?
Do you hear when people are talking to you? Seriously, when someone tells you something do you actually listen to what that person is saying? Or does it get lost in all the noise around you?
A silly question? I am not so sure - it cost the Dutchman a red card.
I came across a book this week that gave tips on how to communicate. First step was to smile; then the eyes, communicating using the eyes allows you to properly listen. Ironically, the most important key to communication is not to communicate, but to listen.
This week we begin the new book of Leviticus or Vayikra which actually means He (G-d) called. He called to Moses, and spoke to him from the tent of meeting. Our sages tell us that G-d would call out endearingly to Moses before giving him a prophecy. Rashi adds: The voice (of G-d) would go, and reach (Moses’) ears, and all of Israel (including Ahron) would not hear.
I noticed this week when someone was trying to talk and communicate with me I was on my blackberry, checking emails, communicating with somebody else. What was more important about that communication over the person in front of me?
There is so much noise, but somewhere there is a voice calling - are you listening?
Purim Humour
It's winter in Russia and the people are hungry. The town council announce that meat will be arriving so everyone gets on line to wait for the meat. After an hour of waiting in the snow and the freezing cold, the town council announce that there will be less meat coming than first expected, all Jews go home. So, all the Jews leave the line. Another hour goes by, and again the town council announces there will be less than expected food arriving, all non-communists go home. All the non-communists leave the line. Another hour and the town council announce there will be no food arriving, everybody go home. As one man trudges home through the snow, he turns to his friend and says "you see, the Jews always get to go home first!"


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